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create a 365 view of your fans.


Fan passion has evolved from seasonal excitement to all year round - yet, knowing a fan across digital, physical, and linear has been a challenge, until now!

Credenza technology takes these siloed data points and unites them to create a Universal ID.  Then, through the use of web3 or blockchain technology, our clients can create a more passionate fan through the use of our specific products.

Credenza helps to create context for each fan in real-time – which enables you to provide them with unique access or benefits. With Credenza technology the idea of the long tail is no longer appropriate as everyone can be engaged with based on their actions, assets and attributes. This solution provides value across the business;

  • improve retention and revenue per user,
  • create incremental and/or new revenue opportunities through activations on premise and beyond,
  • create a seamless experience while also looking to incorporate physical opportunities,
  • new transaction and behavioral data in order to glean new insights.